People like different things

Fetishism means arousal or pleasure triggered by certain objects, materials, body parts, or a specific activity. For example shoes, tights, leather, body hair, or wearing glasses.  

Fetishism is fairly uncommon, which is why some people might consider it weird. If the term were to include everyone’s specific personal sexual preferences and practices, it would not seem to be that uncommon after all.  

People have the ability to like and enjoy very different things. Tastes and preferences differ a great deal when it comes to food, for example. If you compare fetishism to taste in food, it does not seem weird at all: people just like different things.  


About the artist

Jiipu Uusitalo got dragged into the sunlight out of the darkest of punk caves. In 2012, they started a comics blog called Tajukankaankutoja. Since then, they have trickled 700 km down the map of Finland from Rovaniemi, grabbing a foothold in the red brick bedrock of Tampere. They have self-published a heap of jolly-angry material. Three of Uusitalo’s comics have also been published by Täysi Käsi Oy. Uusitalo’s guiding star throughout their work has been the double sun of surrealist infocomics, like a luminous dandelion growing from the cracks of a Byzantine state office building wall.