Being innovative goes a long way.

Everyone has the right to pursue sexual pleasure. Disability or illness does not take away this right, even though it can make it trickier to get sexual pleasure. There are many different kinds of sex. Good sex is all about finding the sexual practices and equipment that best suit you and your partners – and this goes for people with and without disabilities. 

Suitable sex equipment or sex aids can include a proper handle, buttons that are easy to use, quality materials, or versatility, like the possibility to attach the equipment onto a harness or a stand. Sometimes help or an assistant are needed in finding suitable equipment or practices.  

Open discussion and being innovative can take you a long way, because pleasure can be given, received and experienced in diverse ways.


About the artist

Arvi Tammi is a nonbinary visual artist from Helsinki. Illustrator of the Silly Ghost comic. They enjoy making nature- and magic-themed illustrations and comics with queer characters. Find them on Twitter and Instagram: @ArviTammi