Together comic strips talk about the diversity of sex and relationships openly and directly through both images and words. The comic strips and the material on the website highlight themes related to gender, sexuality and relationships.

The topics of the comic strips have been chosen so that they support sex education, but also so that they handle topics that tend to be left outside the sex education provided in schools.

The comic strips and related materials aim to take into consideration different sexual and gender identities. In the Together Project, diversity and the variety of relationships are seen as gifts and sexuality as a positive resource.

Discussion questions related to the comic strips

Who are the people in the comic strip?

What happens in the comic strip?

What has led to the situation in the comic strip?

What could happen after the situation in the comic strip?

How could the situation have gone differently?

What do you think about the behaviour of the people in the situation?


The stories of the comic strips can also be considered from the perspective of sexual rights.


How are sexual rights exercised in the comic strip?

What rights related to sexuality do the characters in the comic strip have?

How could the exercising of sexual rights be ensured in the situation shown in the comic strip?