Playing leads to more joy and pleasure

Playfulness, experimenting together and open discussion about sex make sex easy. Good sex is mostly about fitting together the wishes of everyone involved. That goal is easier to achieve by openly discussing everyone’s desires and expectations, what gives you pleasure, and what you would like to do with others.  

People have different bodies, feelings, preferences and desires. These things also change with time. That is why experimenting together always plays a part in every sexual relationship. 

Choices and opportunities in sex become abundant when you gather erotic capital by experiencing, talking, and learning emotional and sexual skills. On top of those, a wide selection of toys will come in handy.

About the artist

Viima Äikäs is a nonbinary comicartist from South Ostrobothnia. Viima has been drawing a comic blog called Surkuhupaisaa since 2009, and also makes zines and other sorts of illustrations. They prefer to draw about their own experiences and about topics that are important to them, like lgbta+ things.