Squirting speaks of pleasure

Squirting refers to the sudden eruption of liquid from the vagina. The squirting spectrum is wide, including a sudden increase of moisture in the vagina, the appearance of a white, creamy liquid, or a squirt of liquid from the urethra. 

For some, squirting is a basic part of their sexual reactions, and for them it happens almost always during sex or orgasming. For some, squirting is only prompted by deliberately rubbing the upper vaginal wall. 

Sometimes squirting can be a surprise. There is nothing dangerous or shameful about squirting – at most you need to do a little bit of cleaning. If your squirting is frequent or sudden, keeping a towel nearby might be a good idea.


About the artist

Hi, I’m Eeli, an animator and comic artist from Turku. I like dark and cute things!