Not everyone is interested in sex

Playing in bed does not equal sex for everyone. Asexual people do not feel sexual attraction, and sex is usually low on their priority list, if it even makes it to the list.  

Asexuality is diverse, so some asexual people might have sex with their partners as an act of intimacy, or to make their partner happy. Some asexual people get pleasure from e.g. sadomasochistic play that does not necessarily involve sex. 

Demisexuality is related to asexuality. It means slow warming up to sex. Demisexual people usually start experiencing sexual attraction only in a long-term relationship. 

Aseuality does not mean that relationships, intimacy and touching are not important or do not feel good. Asexual people might feel infatuation and want a relationship. For some, intimacy on a psychological or physical level is important, for others not so much. Intimacy can also mean playing board games in bed with your loved ones.

About the artist

Savu Elia Kimalle is a trans activist and comic artist from Savonia. In Savu’s comics blog and in their role as an expert by experience, Savu illustrates different aspects of their life as a queer disabled person, but also as a person recovering from mental illness. They wish to provide peer support and bring up themes that the media is usually silent about. Read Savu’s comics at