Wanking, solo sex, jerking off, diddling…

For many people, masturbating, or having sex with yourself, is the most important type of sex. People often start doing it during childhood, and continue through the rest of their lives. Masturbating teaches you a lot about your own sexuality, what you enjoy, what turns you on, and what you want from having sex.  

You can masturbate by yourself, but also with others. You can masturbate together with a friend, a partner, or a group of friends. You can also masturbate together remotely with a friend. Masturbating is a wonderful type of safe sex, either on your own, or together when you cannot touch the other person directly.  

There are many kinds of masturbation. You can touch yourself with your hands, rub yourself against a pillow, use a shower, play with suitable objects, or use sex toys, like a vibrator or a masturbator toy.

There are no right ways to mastubate. A good way is one that gives you joy and pleasure.


About the artist

Pii Anttonen is a long-term trans activist and comic artist. Anttonen’s comic Piin Seikkailut Cismaailmassa is available as a free online comic as well as albums. Anttonen’s comics have been published in several books, magazines, and anthologies.