Many people dream of ”the one” to spend the rest of their life with. However, the dream could divert us from seeing the diverse relationships we already have.

Others create expectations of what an ideal partner should be like – the opinions of parents or friends may influence your choices. Is my partner good-looking enough? Does my partner know the right people or have the right hobbies?

If the parties feel good and satisfied with their relationship and participate willingly, there is no need to pay attention to outsiders’ expectations. Sexual rights entitle everyone to form the kinds of relationships that they want, as long as the sexual rights of others are not compromised.

The meaning of a relationship can only be determined by the person themselves.

The thought that I am somehow wrong and the fear that I may never find happiness are familiar to almost everyone. Some people live life alone either willingly or because they have never found a suitable partner, but the majority of people form relationships during the course of life.

  • Can a romantic relationship not involve sex?
  • If a relationship involves sex, is it always a romantic relationship?
  • As you walk down the street, do you ever wonder what kinds of relationships passers-by have?
  • Think about the relationships among your friends and family. What kinds of people have found each other and what ties them together?
  • Think about your own attitudes: what is your opinion about the romantic relationships of the disabled people, for instance, or relationships with more than two parties?

What is Sexy?

Beauty ideals affect what we consider sexy. We often fall for someone because of their looks, but a certain kind of appearance is not necessary to arouse sexual desire. Sexual attraction depends on all of our senses, the situation and our impression of the other person and ourselves. All kinds of people may be sexy and desirable.

  • What is sexiness? What does an attractive person look like?
  • What kinds of characteristics do you appreciate in the people that you like?
  • What can I learn about my own sexuality based on what I find attractive in others?